Sniper Mission:Fun FPS Shooting Game APK

Sniper Mission:Fun FPS Shooting Game


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名前Sniper Mission APK
バージョン1.1.9 (26)
開発元JoyMore Inc
カテゴリーゲーム, アクション

更新日 - 新機能

1. New Halloween event is coming!Come to find ghosts wandering around together. Win special Halloween decorations
2. Fix the problem that some situations in the game will get stuck

Sniper Mission:Fun FPS Shooting Game ゲーム


Sniper Mission is a brand new Q version of low poly style first-person FPS sniper game. In the game, you will play as a crack shot sniper, accept mysterious missions, punish evil in the valorant city, protect the weak, and finally become an admirable sniper in valorant!

*According to the task, determine the goal
*Be patient and observe carefully
* Lock the target and kill with one hit
* Get rewards, buy weapons
*Complete missions and strengthen guns

Game features
* Cartoon low poly style, without any excessive violence, bloody scenes
*BGM is fast and cheerful, seize the fleeting opportunity and feel the real sniper.
*Intimate humanized design, GPS positioning function to easily grasp the target location
* Create a sniper mode of indirect killing, make full use of the scene props to achieve the purpose of killing, let the sniper scope aim at more than the target person
* Humorous task content, integrating daily life into the level, and realizing the fun of the game
*Highly restore the true appearance of weapons, a variety of well-known powerful guns to choose from, satisfy your desire to collect
*PvP mode,1v1 or 4v4,depend on you!fight with people from all over the world

Just only one chance, you must fight for glory in valorant! Hold your breath and observe calmly...quietly wait for the arrival of the prey!!