Squid Game : Candy Cookies APK

Squid Game : Candy Cookies


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名前Candy cookies game APK
バージョン0.2.4 (24)
開発元PolloSoft & AkraSoft
カテゴリーゲーム, ミニゲーム

更新日 - 新機能

Rev. 23
Bug fixed!
Some improvements
Halloween special levels !!
Minor changes
New Power-Up: lighter!
Bugs fixed & Zoom!
New lang: Vietnamese
20 levels!
Now the difficulty is proportional to the level of play.
Fixed ads
Level 6 fixed!
6 New Levels!
More games btn
Added Portuguese language
New lang: Indonesian
More easy
Tittle bug
English & spanish
First version

Squid Game : Candy Cookies ゲーム

Survival game: Use the needle to cut the dalgona and separate the sugar figure

Halloween special levels !! Will you get them?
Candy Cookies Game Challenge, Squid Games, is a realistic survival game simulation.
Cut the dalgona and win!!
Simple operation: as player 456, use the needle, dragging your finger across the screen, and try to follow the outline of the figure until the bar is completed and survives.
There are several levels, will you be able to overcome them all and survive?