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名前TenTime APK
バージョン3.1.9 (62)
開発元TenTime Entertainment Platform
カテゴリーアプリ, エンタメ

TenTime アプリ


TenTime Revolutionizing the Arab Entertainment canvas: SVOD, Integrated TV Channels & Music Platform
Looking for TV Shows, Movies and Music that are worthy of your leisure time? TenTime will entertain you and never let you down, at any time and at any place with our mobile app.

TenTime Features:

- International TV shows and movies are speaking Arabic now. Watch the biggest collection of Arab and international Arabic-dubbed content on TenTime from all your devices.
- Award winning TV shows and movies are now at your fingertips
- Create up to four personalized profiles so everyone can enjoy their TV shows, movies and Music.
- We care about what you watch, TenTime will recommend TV shows, Movies and Music that are worthy of your leisure time, because we can never underestimate your precious time.
- Personalize a safe watching profile for your kids.
- You’re always on our mind, you’ll receive notifications with new episodes and latest releases.
- Pick up where you left off and don’t worry about pausing anymore.
- Create “ My TenTime” to watch your favorite TV shows, Movies and Music
- Jump in moods by using the shuffle mode while listening to our music.
- Enjoy our exclusive albums of top singers across the region.

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