Too Good To Go: End Food Waste APK

Too Good To Go: End Food Waste


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名前Too Good To Go APK
バージョン21.11.1 (578)
開発元Too Good To Go Aps
カテゴリーアプリ, フード&ドリンク

更新日 - 新機能

In this release, we're introducing "Recommendations" in your Discover feed. Let us know about your preferences, and we’ll suggest Magic Bags that we think you’ll like. We’ve also made other improvements to the app to make it even more reliable and easy to use.

Too Good To Go: End Food Waste アプリ

Too Good To Goを使用すると、売れ残った食品を節約できるため、無駄になりません。

Every year, one-third of food is thrown away. Too Good To Go is trying to change that. Use the app to rescue Surprise Bags filled with delicious, surplus food from businesses near you.

How it works is simple:

• Search the map to find a restaurant, cafe, or shop near you that has unsold food
• Buy the food through the app from as little as £2/2€
• Collect your food at the pre-set time, and enjoy it knowing you’ve done something good for the planet

Choose from stores such as Costa Coffee, Greggs, Caffè Nero, Morrisons, Planet Organic, LEON, YO!, and your favourite local independents - more than 90,000 stores fight food waste with us across Europe and North America, with more joining every day.

And the best bit? Every Surprise Bag you rescue saves 2.5kg of CO2e - the same as it would take to charge 440 smartphones.