UnLim: Unlimited cloud storage APK

UnLim: Unlimited cloud storage - Beta

Android 向けの UnLim: Unlimited cloud storage APK をダウンロードします - 無料 - 最終のバージョン



名前Unlim cloud APK
バージョン0.9.8.10 - Beta (64)
カテゴリーアプリ, 仕事効率化

更新日 - 新機能

New Design
Native Media & File Picker
Upload any type of file
Easy swipe between Gallery and Files
Files & Folders optimized
Storage management
Now you can generate link to share your media with anybody.
Fixed major and minor bugs

UnLim: Unlimited cloud storage アプリ


UnLim is a free unlimted cloud storage where everybody can upload their files securely and fast. Storage is not limited. No need to buy anything. Full free and simple.

Unlim uses Telegram API and gives ability to use telegram "Saved Messages" as unlimited cloud storage

Backup your photos, videos, musics, documents and any type of files with Unlim, the coolest free unlimited cloud storage.

*** Photos & Videos
Unlim automatically backup your photos and videos from you DCIM. you can add more directories to backup.

*** Files
You can upload and store any file with unlim. You can have access to them with any device.

*** Musics
Upload your lovely songs to unlim and never loose them. Unlim has it's built in music player where you can listen for your playlist.

*** Free!!!
It is complete free of charge and infinity storage.

Now unlim is on Beta (Early Access).

Download and use Unlim Beta to help us improve our product.