Vaku Phone Cleaner & Booster APK

Vaku Phone Cleaner & Booster


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名前Phone Booster APK
バージョン1.8.9 (77)
カテゴリーアプリ, ツール

Vaku Phone Cleaner & Booster アプリ


⭐ Vaku it's a powerful cleaner that will free up a lot of space on your device. However, this is not the only function of the application - there are many more important advantages of this Android cleaner. Vaku allows users:

⚡ Monitor the temperature of the processor and avoid overheating;
⚡ Ram cleaner for Android can optimize processes and save the resources of your phone;
⚡ Analyze available applications and remove unused programs;
⚡ Clear cache by deleting temporary files;
⚡ Junk file cleaner detects duplicate files (documents and photos, and also offers to delete them);
⚡ Allows you to conserve battery power by activating one of several power saving modes.

Main Functions of Vaku phone cleaner

🧹 Junk file cleaner. The program constantly searches for unnecessary and junk files and then suggests deleting them to the owner. Thanks to this option, you can get a lot of space on your device.
🚀 Cache cleaner. After uninstalling programs or a failure in their work, junk files may appear in the cache. Vaku tablet cleaner and speed booster can remove them, improving the performance of the device.
❄️ Cpu cleaner and speed booster. Thanks to a special tab, the user can find out the temperature of the processor. Timely correction allows for more efficient work and avoids overheating.
🔋 Energy saving. The application monitors the battery charge level and offers to choose one of the power saving modes, which will significantly extend the operating time of the phone.
📱 Application manager. Thanks to Vaku phone booster, you can keep track of all unused apps and get rid of them.
🔒 App Locker Master. Protect your apps and close other people from accessing your device.

👍 There are just a few steps left to help your device reach its full potential. Vaku phone booster and junk cleaner will let you know how efficient your phone can be. Install memory cleaner and optimizer on your device and enjoy the performance. Unleash all the hidden potential of your phone with Vaku phone booster!