With YouTube Pink, you can enjoy the content of the popular video portal with extra features, including some like ad blocking and background playback




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YouTube Pink APP

YouTube MOD with extra features, such as ad blocking

Everyone loves YouTube, we all love YouTube, the hours we spend watching videos on the portal... However, we do not like the ads, which tend to get annoying as we are forced to wath a cryptobro encourage viewers to become millionaires working a couple of hours a day and the likes. However, luckily, there are alternatives to make user experience less painful, and one of them is YouTube Pink.

A MOD based on YouTube Vanced

Vanced is one of the most popular video app MODs, which has been used for developing this version. Apparently, it is not very different from the official client, but if you deploy the options menu, you find a section where you can make specific adjustments. Got there to find functions such as the following:

  • Blocking of all ads.
  • Playing videos in the background.
  • Different themes for the interface.
  • PiP (Picture in Picture) mode.
  • Auto-Repeat function, to play videos in loop.
  • Playback speed and resolution settings.

This version of the app is for non-rooted devices, so it does not allow user registration. If you want to access with your account, you need to download MicroG, an app you will find in Malavida.