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名前Zombie Hill Racing APK
バージョン1.9.5 (80)
開発元INLOGIC ARCADE - zombie racing shooter
カテゴリーゲーム, レース

Zombie Hill Racing - Earn To Climb: Zombie Games ゲーム


Welcome to Zombie Hill Racing, one of the best hill climb games!

The zombie invasion is already here! Zombies roam the country and there is almost no escape.

There are few survivors and you are one of them. The only thing left is to find the best cars, get on the wheels and drive ahead in one of the best hill climb games!

Run, hill climb, and kill zombies!

This game is one of the best zombie car games where you will experience the real survival.

Earn as many coins as you can, build the best car and kill zombies. Don't join the undead! Running over zombies will increase your chances of survival and there will be more living beings in this zombie invasion.


🚗 Unlock the best cars of hill climb games.
✔️ New levels and cars!
🔧 Upgrade your car to go faster with nitro.
💰 Earn coins and build the best car of destruction.
💎 Different types of levels.
👍 Graphics optimized for the best performance.
🏁 Finish: beat this zombie invasion.

Play zombie car games with story mode that will fulfil all of your expectations!

All the zombies run at you so don’t let it happen, you need to drive ahead and earn as many coins as possible so you can kill them.

Let's defeat zombies together!

Play one of the best zombie car games of all time!