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Zoner Photo Studio - Edit & Go


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名前Zoner Photo Studio APK
バージョン3.9.1 (48)
開発元ZONER, Inc.
カテゴリーアプリ, 写真

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Zoner Photo Studio - Edit & Go アプリ


Show Off Your Photos!

Zoner Photo Studio Edit and Go is the only photo app that really does it all: creative editing, photo management... and even sending a real paper postcard straight from your phone!

Get creative. Preserve your memories. And send a real postcard in just moments!

Zoner Photo Studio Edit and Go is free. Most of its features work even when you’re not on the Internet.

Editing—It’s All Here:
+ More Quick Filters
+ Sharpening
+ Exposure
+ Light Temperature
+ Contrast
+ Saturation
+ Shadows & Lights
+ Vignetting
+ Black and White
+ Tilt-shift

Photo Viewing and Management:
+ Easier picture copying, moving, sharing, and more
+ Sharing
+ Casting photos to your smart TV, Chromecast capable
+ Access photos on media servers (DLNA over UPnP)
+ EXIF display
+ Two-way synchronization (both to and from your phone)
+ Tree View offers a Navigator, just like in Zoner for PC’s
+ No ugly compression
+ No ads

Your Very Own Postcard in Seconds:
+ Select a photo, write a message—that’s all
+ We print the postcard in top quality and send it to an address of your choice
+ No fuss with finding stamps and mailboxes

Delivery times:
* Europe - within 1 week
* Other countries - within 2 weeks

* $1.99 via PayPal
* $2.99 via Google Wallet

Printed in Europe.

Zoner Photo Studio Edit and Go is based on the popular all-in-one desktop software Zoner Photo Studio.