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Japanese Full Keyboard For Tablet

Japanese input method for tablet! Also unnecessary switching or numeric key TAB!


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Oct 2, 2021

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Japanese Full Keyboard For Tablet App

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Is a Japanese input method for Tablet (IME).
Intended for use in the Honeycomb tablet, or re-placement of the key
We have optimized the figure.

Current functions and features:
To take advantage of screen size, such as numeric keys · CTRL key · TAB key arrow key · ALT key, key sequence is set almost the same as for the PC keyboard of the Japanese.
In addition to romaji input, equipped with a hiragana input mode close to the kana input.
When you select the extended keyboard, ESC, F1 ~ F12, HOME, END, PageUp, PageDown, DEL key can be entered.
The height of the key can be set to stage 18.
If you want to shrink the keyboard when using the hard keys or temporarily, you can use the keyboard reduction.
Can also be treated as 109/106 Japanese keyboard to force a external keyboard.
You can call an application that implements the mushrooms Simeji.
CPU as well as ARM, MIPS and supports x86.

Japanese conversion engine, so you can use to switch OpenWnn Yahoo! Japan and text analysis API and Google IME CGI API, and the conversion accuracy is Imaichi Pikaichi.

We proceed to address the hard keyboard.

Can also be installed on the terminal screen size is less tentatively, it is hard to manipulate because it is optimized for the tablet.

IME must be set prior to use. For more information, please visit the official site.
Starting the mushroom mash is press and hold the key.
Range can be selected with the arrow keys SHIFT +.
Android 3.0 or later, cut copy, CTRL + X with CTRL + C, you can paste CTRL + V.

Internet access policy:
Internet access for non-Web engine and advertising does not.
For policy details, please visit the official website.

Operation check: ICONIA TAB A500 (Picasso)

About the developer
Blog: http://blog.repy.info/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/repysside

This software includes code developed at OMRON SOFTWARE Co., Ltd. OpenWnn.
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