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Learning new Japanese vocabulary by picture and play memorizing game at the same time with “PORO – Japanese vocabulary”. Even though you are confident in Japanese, you may catch some words you never know in this game.
***Main information***
“PORO – Japanese vocabulary” is an application with very interesting method: select correct picture demonstrated the word in limited time. Japanese learners can be acquaintance with new vocabulary and remember spelling and pronunciation by choosing right images. Limited time in this game requires players have to be fast to select the answer, which helps players enhance reaction with new words. If you can pass a level, choose “Review” to check vocabulary list and translation. Each words have pronunciation of Japanese native to say aloud.
Learning new words through images is always the most basic way to learn, practicing the same way that babbling babies learn new words. The game uses cute and easy-to-understand illustration that will make even your baby excited to learn Japanese! "PORO - Japanese Vocabulary" will repeat the vocabulary by reading and storing it in memory along with the image. Whenever you see a picture of some vocabulary you can say it out loud! This way of learning is similar to learning vocabulary by flash card.
You can consider “PORO - Japanese Vocabulary” as a picture dictionary which helps you learn new words through illustration. The Japanese use the Katakana alphabet to describe foreign words, and then combine with Kanji and even shorten the original words. You will be shocked to know that the Japanese just say "エ ア コ ン" (eakon) for Air conditioner. Or, the Microwave is transformed into 電子 レ ン ジ. Let’s explore the interesting points in the way Japanese people created words by playing this game!
There are more than 25 topics with many Japanese vocabularies needed for daily life. Complete all the levels you are boosted vocabulary to have fluent communication. You will learn vocabulary by topics from easy to difficult: numbers, animals, food, transportation, occupation, countries, vegetables, fruit, stationery ... in Japanese. The division of vocabulary by topic helps you systematically from the group, remember more Japanese vocabulary. Through the vocabulary also helps you to know more animals, dishes, objects only in Japan. Vocabulary topics will be updated so you can add more new words.
Remembering vocabulary has never been so fun and easy. Let's start learning Japanese right now with the mobile game application "PORO - Japanese Vocabulary"!

***Main function***
- Play game to learn and increase your ability to remember new words.
- Learn new words by topics.
- Cute, lovely and easy to understand pictures.
- English - Vietnamese translation.
- Provide vocabulary in Japanese.
- Support Romanji for users who are not familiar with the Hiragana character.
- Vocabulary list with pronunciation.

*** PORO – Japanese Vocabulary is very suitable for people **
- Self-study in Japanese from basic to advanced.
- Is preparing to practice Japanese JLPT or communication skills.
- Favorite Japanese culture.
- Learn Japanese through pictures
- Play games as a hobby.

PORO – Japanese Vocabulary is in developing process; we hope to receive your contribution comment to make it better.
Please kindly contact:
- Email: PORO.lingo@gmail.com
- Fanpage: https://facebook.com/PORO.japanese
Thank you very much and Good luck!

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