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UpdatedFeb 06, 2018 (2 years ago)

jaune ball 3 continues its journey to save a little jaune ball from elsewhere

jaune ball 3 continues its journey to save a little jaune ball from elsewhere. The jaune ball game continues where the first jaune ball game ended.

But the first levels involve learning new abilities with a jaune ball. You will love the jaune ball. You will find new levels with a different platform game system. In this game, jaune ball 3 can usenew features such as bomb, shield and gravitational force. jaune ball 3 will use a bomb similar to an arcade game. The bomb can destroy some walls and can push jaune ball 3 in the air. jaune ball 3can also use a shield, it protects it against spikes and lasers.The best new feature is the gravitational force that makes jaune ball 3 much faster. Perfect for pushing big rocks and good for helpingjaune ball 3 to pass over the void. And you will also have help to fly and collect objects in height. jaune ball will show you different planets. In this journey to rescue jaune ball 3 aliens, youwill discover new gaming experiences as well as new creatures.

> Characteristics <

> Beautiful with balls of different properties
> Adventurous article 40
> Unique obstacles, enemies and dynamics
> Smooth and homogeneous gameplay
> Compatible with all screen formats (tablet, phone, tv)
> Facebook integration (will enter the new version)
> HD quality graphics and sound effects
> The possibility of precise control

The first levels are easy for children, but after level 10, the levels are complicated. After that, the game becomes difficult to control for children. We have developed a new tactile joystick systemto give you a second control option. With your left index finger, you can use the point controller that is activated when you first touch the screen, then move your finger to go left and right. Onthe other side,you will use your right index finger to jump, activate the bomb, the gravitational force, the shield. You can see these options and try them by clicking the button How to play. Changeit from the settings menu, then try. In this level, try to jump and propel yourself together

Jaune Ball 3 APK