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NameCevşen-ül Kebir APK
Version1.9 (10)
UpdatedMay 18, 2020
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Jawshan Kabir and meal App

You can read Jawshan Kabir all place eiwth our app.

Jawshan Kabir
He said to the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) with the revelation of Jabrail Aleyhisselam, "Take off the armor, read this!" He is a very high and very precious Prophet that he said, which was narrated by Zaynel Abidin (r.a.) with an outage.
Prayer is the most powerful weapon of a believer. Jawshan is one of the biggest prayers in Kabir. Jawshan Kabir; The depth of its content is among the prayers that all Muslims did not leave due to rumors about worldly and spiritual rewards that can be obtained from the fluency and reading of expressions.
Transcript is now in your pocket! With our Jawshan Kabir app, you can now read wherever and whenever you want. With the feature of saving where you stay, you will not need to keep in mind where you are staying. You will be able to start from the Bab you want from the Babs list. You can find Jawshan Kabir in Arabic, Turkish and meal in our application. You can also find links to many religious practices such as the Qur'an and its expense, Esmaül Husna, Prayer Times, Yasin Mülk Nebe Surahs, Prayer Teacher, Ramadan Prayers, Salavats.

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