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1.0 · Jan 31, 2021

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Version1.0 (1)
UpdatedJan 31, 2021
CategoryGames, Role Playing

Jealous Boyfriend Story game

Your virtual boyfriend is jealous of you because other guys want to date you.

Jealous Boyfriend Story is an interactive visual novel and dating simulation game (with lots of realistic pictures, text, dialogue and events, even better than a chat simulator or a texting dating app) in which you can have relationships with different guys and make them to be jealous of you.

You have a boyfriend in the story. You have been living together for some time now. But you don't like his behavior. He is too perfect. Or are you just moody? Or are you unhappy with your virtual boyfriend because a foreigner appears at your job who drives you crazy with his accent?

Jealous Boyfriend Story lets you choose. Basically, you can stay with your virtual boyfriend. Or you can start a relationship with a new employee. And don't forget about the other single guys who want to date you, too.

The more time you spend in Jealous Boyfriend Story, the more guys want to date you. But the problem is, they all start claiming rights to you. If you don't like their possessive attitude towards women, you can always stop communicating with one guy and start a relationship with another.

Jealous Boyfriend Story lets you choose any story line you want. The ending of this interactive game depends on the decisions you make. You are the mistress of the situation. It's you who choose which of these guys will be your virtual boyfriend. They are all different. But they have one thing in common. They all want you, so they are pretty jealous.

Jealous Boyfriend Story currently has the following virtual boyfriends:

John is your American boyfriend. He is kind, rustic and down to earth. At first, you were glad that you had such a simple and reliable boyfriend. But then you got bored with him. And you think that it was his behavior that pushed you to love adventures.

Ulrich is a new employee from the German branch of your company. From the first minute of the game, you feel a strong attraction to him. Frankly speaking, this is passion or lust. Ulrich readily flirts with you, so you can easily make him your virtual boyfriend.

Alain is a French bodybuilder who works as a fitness trainer. He is a womanizer who wants to get better. But can you trust a person who is so good at lying? Initially, you communicate with him because you share your sad dating experience. But if you consider that he is single and has a wealth of experience in bed, then he is a good candidate for your virtual boyfriend.

Sasha is a Russian programmer. He is a nice young man who works as a system administrator in your office. Sasha doesn't fit any bad stereotype about Russians. If he is not a Russian spy trying to recruit you, then he could be your virtual boyfriend, too.

Kevin is your new neighbor who constantly complains about his life. But in the process of idle chatter, he manages to give you very nice compliments. The more you communicate with him, the more often he flirts with you. And when he kisses you in front of your current boyfriend, it becomes obvious that he wants to be your next virtual boyfriend.


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