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Jetpacks Mod [Robots Addon]


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NameJetpacks Mod APK
Version1.0 (1)
UpdatedApr 03, 2021
DeveloperWoodStroy Addons
CategoryApps, Entertainment

Jetpacks Mod [Robots Addon] App

This is a new jets mods pack with a jetpacks, aircraft and robots for pe game.

Welcome to the WoodStroy Addons for pe. Here is a new Jetpacks Mod for craft game. It contains a lof of new custom HD skins, wallpapers, mods, maps and textures for mcpe craft game. Inside the application there are detailed instructions for installing pe craft mods. This new Jetpacks with Robots Mod for Craft includes such addons for pe as:

The first and the main mod - Mechs and Jetpacks Mod:

You can use the exoskeleton to move quickly, it floats quickly and is easy to repair. You can fly jetpacks with it! NPC gunsmith is added. Buy all of these items from your local gunsmith.
Features of this mod for pe: Mech Lots of hit points. Jumps like it’s nobody’s business. Has a handy minigun on its roof. Runs very fast. Swims very fast. Repairable with redstone and/or iron ingots. Demolition mech. Bashes its way through just about anything, great for mining or destroying your enemy’s base. Sorta slow. Repairable with redstone and/or iron ingots. Now works in the Nether! The armorers have been upgrading their mad skillz and have added the ability to mine netherrack, quartz ore and blackstone. And, best of all, made it flame/lava proof! Jetpack - A pack with a jet on it which enables the user to fly. Drops a jetpack when you 'kill' it (handy when you want to pack it away). Look up to fly up, down to fly down, you know the drill!

The second mod - Jet Ski and Speedboat Mod:

This mod adds Powerboats & Aircraft for all your summer cruising needs. When you need submarines and hovercraft this mod will help you. No more paddle boats rowing across endless oceans. To get these powerboats, you need to craft the corresponding upgrade kit and interact with the normal boat while holding it. He will magically transform into a stunning motorized beast.

The third mod - Battle Robots Mod:

Bots are fighting for you with this mod! One of them is equipped with a cannon and the other with a flamethrower - you will love them all. Until they accidentally burn your house down. Purchase them from a local craftsman. Tame them with redstone blocks! They will chase you everywhere, fight your enemies and just keep you company. You can repair with iron and redstone.

Features of this Jetpacks Mod:
1. One click installer
2. Easy and custom UI
3. Multilanguage support
4. PE Skins and HD Wallpapers
5. Free to play mods, maps and textures
6. Supports latest mcpe game versions

Don't forget to rate this app and leave a comment if you like this Jetpacks and Robots Mod. If you have any problems installing mod, then write to us and we will solve the problem! Also we advise you to see our other launcher craft mods and maps for pe craft such as morph, monsters, brawl and others!

NOTE: This is a mod for Minecraft, requires Minecraft Pocket Edition to work.

DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial application for Minecraft Pocket Edition. This application is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. The Minecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. All rights reserved. In accordance with
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