Slack off at work before the boss catches you with this slacking game


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Oct 1, 2020

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Job Slacking Game GAME

Working day in and day out at your job can be very boring, especially when you do the same thing every day. With this job slacking game why not have fun while at work without getting caught. Here you can braid hair, wash strawberries, stable papers, color cats, as well as catch veggies, make lemon tea, and throw rubbish in the bin. With so much fun to be had at your work, why not test your clever slacking skills and see if you can get away at doing nothing at the office with this free online slacking game today!


Have fun braiding hair in a new and fabulous style.
Wash your strawberries ready for eating at lunch.
Color your kittens to make them look pretty.
Arrange all your lose papers and stable them together.
See how clever you are and throw rubbish in the bin from a distance.
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