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discover and connect with like minded people and move along the journey together

Version1.11.0 (26)
UpdatedNov 28, 2020 (6 months ago)
DeveloperJourney Together, Inc.
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If Einstein had to come up with an equation for Life, it would have had a lot more to it than just your achievements, victories and best moments!

The large portion of life is not the picture perfect memories, your victories or achievements. But its more about the experiences, mistakes you made, things you learnt, and more importantly the different people who you shared connection with on this life journey.

But still when you see the current social networks, people share just the best version of their life, the picture perfect version, hiding their flaws, their day to day learning, the mistakes they made, the struggles they went through. When was the last time you took up a new interest and let everyone know how you are getting up with it? or let everyone know about the weight loss journey you are struggling with?

Unlike other social media platforms, I'm not about gathering attention by displaying the best version of your life that seems flawless. I am here to help you connect with people who are or have been on the same journey as you - so you get inspired and stay motivated to be on track, learn from their mistakes and enjoy the journey more than the destination itself.

So get started, create a journey for that interest you always wanted to explore or that thing you wanted to learn, find friends and people who are on the same journey as you and get on it right away.

"The Journey is the Reward"
- Steve Jobs

"Sometimes its the Journey that teaches you a lot about your destination"
- Drake

"Life's a Journey. Its not where you end up, but its how you got there"
-Steve Perry

Features in the app:

1. Create & plan journeys around your interests and things which matter to you
2. Find people who are on the same journey as you and connect, share, interact and move along the journey together
3. Share your progress, insights and tips
4. Collaborate on journeys with friends and other individuals
5. Find and join interesting communities of people around the world
6. Access wide ranging communities around all the topics you can think of - like adventure, learning, music, arts, travel, dance, Steve Perry, journey together movie, etc

How to use journey?

1. Create journeys around the interests you have taken up currently or something you have always wanted to do
2. Join communities of people around the same interests and share interesting content and insights with them
3. Discover & connect with people in the community and learn, track your progress and save interesting tips
4. Invite and follow your friends and other people from the communities
5. Once you are a pro in what you are doing, help other people in the community in planning their own journey

Some of the communities you can find are Learning flutter, Exploring Bahamas, journey together movie, Steve Perry journey tour, love stories, Skydiving, learning french, learning German, etc.

What's New

1. Bug Fixes & Improved User Experience.


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