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Live with gratitude and optimism

Joy+ is a free social media platform for the personal development space. It's an innovative gratitude journal & vision board. It also connects you with like-minded peers & Mentors.

Joy+ empowers you to live with gratitude and optimism.

The gratitude journal inspires you to post an image and answer this question:

What are you grateful for today?

The vision board inspires you to post an image and answer this question:

What will you achieve in the future?

The innovation assimilates when you post images and answers to both questions in the same 24 hour span, that's when you gain access to a chat room with peers, and you 'Enter The Zone'.

Once you're in the chat room, or should we say, you 'Enter The Zone', it will encourage you to answer this question:

Who will you empower today?

Your empowerment answers will be heartfelt across the platform and the world alike.


Want to level-up?

Take your gratitude and optimism to the next level - Connect with a Mentor in the Mentor Marketplace!

Mentors consists of various types of Coaches and Consultants. You can click on their 'Ask Me Anything' button, ask questions, watch their YouTube Video within their profile, and you can hire them to help take your goals to the next level so you can manifest your dreams to reality.


Are you a Mentor?

Fill out the Mentor Application in the Mentor Marketplace and apply. Mentors generate leads for their own business and empower others.

Once vetted, Mentors will receive the following features:

- A verified blue check mark beside their name through-out the platform, a sign that they're a trusted source for their expert knowledge.

- Randomly get highlighted at the top of the list of Mentors in the Mentor Spotlight.

- Mentors are able to chat with potential leads in real-time while they themselves are in The Zone.

- Leads engage with Mentors 'Ask Me Anything' button while simultaneously providing their contact information so Mentors can convert them into revenue for their own business.

- Mentors are able to include their own YouTube Video and share their approach to mentorship.


Want a little more?

- Enjoy the daily inspirational quotes and share it with your network!

- Click the 'Achieved' button on your vision board posts and track your progress!

- Private message your peers and share positive vibes!

- Fill out a mantra that's personal to you and share it on your profile!


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