This application contain most of popular song and lyric from Juan Vélez

This application contain most of popular song and lyric from Juan Vélez. Enjoy all Juan Vélez hit music streaming in your phone and get connected with your fav musician and get latest info about tourand live concert.

Song List:
Te Tengo o Te Perdí
Tu Espacio Vacio
Como Antes
Devuélveme la Vida
Con Mi Soledad
Buscando tu Sombra
Camara Lenta
Cada Vez Que Pienso En Ti
Tu Espacio Vacio
Todo Sigue Igual
Tu Espacio vacio
Tal Vez
Hoy No Importa
Tu Estas
Como Decirte Adios
Se Supone
Se Acabó

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This an unoffical application and made for entertainment and education purpose. This app provide music streaming & lyric content and not a downloader app. Also contain ads that comply with GooglePlay policy. All copyright, trademarks are belong to their perspective owners/management of artist.
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