Jumpy ball & rolling stone adventure games

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in jumpy ball & rolling stone adventure games, the stone ball keep rolling rolling rolling , & keep jump & jump & jump to find the final destination, to looks for higher score , to looks for the best finish ever.

Along the adventure journey of the rolling stone ball, obstacle and difficulty appear from everywhere to stop the rolling stone ball to move forward, to slowdown the rolling speed , even to stop it from roll, to stop it from jumping. we use simple control, to help the rolling ball to avoid all the friction that appear , roll from our home, roll to the world, and roll to the best score ever.

Jumpy ball & rolling stone game suitable for time burning especially for short interval time. stop and resume anytime anywhere. give your mind a break, let your eye and finger do the work. download it now, and try it with your friends, challenge them to reach a higher score than you. try it now !!!

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Jumpy Ball Rolling 1.02

Updated: 2018-07-29 (1 year ago)

1.02 (3) 2018-08-12