Jungle Deer Hunting Challenge APK

Let’s hunt Deer with sniper in this hunting and shooting game.

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UpdatedDec 05, 2016 (4 years ago)
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Jungle Deer Hunting Challenge provides you a hunting environment where you have to hunt deer as required per specific objective of the game. Deer are a very aware animals that when they see the hunter they will run too fast making them unavailable for quick hunt.

Jungle Deer Hunting Challenge is an FPS (First Person Shooter) game where you have the only Sniper gun with which to fire at the Deer within a specified time frame. The player can either shoot them on their bodies or shoot them directly on their heads to do a headshot which will kill them in one fire. But be careful specifying focus via zoom on one deer will lead the others to be miss from behind. So don't always headshot also perform a normal hunting.
There is a beautiful Jungle (Forest) Environment in the Deer Hunting game.
This Hunting and shooting games has 10 Attractive and eye catching levels. At first only First Mission is available to play. Once all the 10 levels of the Jungle are unlocked then the Snow becomes available.
Game Play:-
The player has to achieve the specific objective for the specific level in order to unlock the rest levels. Once all the levels are unlocked the player can then play any of them at his/her own choice.
If your specific time is over or bullets finished then your mission will be failed and game over as well. To complete your mission in the given time.
How to Play:-
- Movement: Touch and move the right half portion of the screen.
- Aiming/Direction: Touch and move the left half portion of the screen.
- Fire: Touch the Fire button to fire.
- Zoom: Touch the Zoom button to toggle in/out the zoom.
- Pause: Touch the Pause button to pause the game.
Special Feature
- First Person Shooter.
- Full Volume control available.
- Best 3D Graphics and models.

- Friendly and easy GUI (Graphical User Interface).
- Full Touch Sensitivity control available.
- Best Sound Effects.

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