Jungle Guardians - Protect Wild Animals Online APK + OBB

Build amazing wildlife park care for furry friends and restore devastated forest

Version1.10.0 (1010004)
UpdatedAug 01, 2019 (2 years ago)
CategoryGames, Casual

Jungle Guardians is a game about building a wildlife center and saving engendered animals. The game takes place in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest heavily destroyed by industrial changes.

As a team leader of brave guardians, you are responsible for developing your camp in order to save as many wild animals as it is possible and bring back jungle back to life. Taking care of wild animals is not an easy task. Your job is to look for animals in need, take care of them and prepare to be released back to the jungle.

Building animal shelters and placing beautiful decorations will make your animals happy. Each team member has its own hut where you can order specific resources needed for progress. During the development of your wildlife park, you will unlock new challenging features like: Track released animals via GPS receiver, fight the poachers, help animals to breed, take care of baby animals, deal with illegal lumberjacks, deliver ancient artifacts to the museum, reforestation or challenge other players to become the best guardian in weekly rankings. Listed activities are only small part of the features we prepared for our players. The game contains a huge amount of content created very carefully to resemble real life. All animals, plants, fruits and even many quests are based on true facts. It is a perfect game to have fun and learn. The game also contains mini games and multiplayer elements: If you want, you can help your family and friends to progress faster while collecting unique rewards for your efforts.

💠 Build and customize your own wildlife rescue center in the heart of the jungle.
💠 Venture into the Amazon Rainforest to go on dangerous rescue missions.
💠 Save rare endangered species from extinction, including uakari, margay and marmoset monkeys!
💠 House, feed and care for your furry friends at your growing wildlife center.
💠 Gather an expert team of wildlife heroes to help you guard the jungle.
💠 Protect the Amazon Rainforest from poachers, deforestation, drilling and more!

Exotic species you will find:
💠 Monkeys: Capuchin, Howler, Marmoset, Squirrel and Uakari
💠 Canids: Maned Wolf, Bush Dog, Chilla Fox, Darwin's Fox, Short-Eared Dog
💠 Reptiles: Iguana, Boa Constructor, Black Caiman, Caiman Lizard, Red-footed Tortoise
💠 Wildcats: Jaguar, Cougar, Ocelot, Jaguarundi, Margay,
💠 Ground animals: Giant Anteater, Capybara, Tapir, Armadillo, Marsh Deer

💠 50+ buildings for you to build
💠 100+ unique decorations to buff your camp
💠 125+ animal articles so you can know them better
💠 50+ unique features to have fun with.
💠 36+ expansions with exciting story lines to be discovers
💠 1000+ quests with fantastic rewards

Join our community:
💠 Web ( https://jungleguardians.com )
💠 Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/JungleGuardiansGame/ )
💠 Twitter ( http://Twitter.com/JungleGuardians )
💠 Instagram ( http://instagram.com/JungleGuardians )

Privacy policy and Terms of Service:
💠 http://taploft.com/privacy-policy/
💠 http://taploft.com/terms-of-service/

⚠️ Jungle Guardians is free-to-play game, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's setting.

Email: taploft@taploft.com

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