Jungle Stunt Run - Lost Island APK

Jungle Stunt & adventure game, play stuns in jungle & run to escape lost island

Version1.1 (2)
UpdatedAug 01, 2019 (1 year ago)
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Jungle Stunt Run – Lost Island is the best jungle stunts games for adventure in jungle. If you enjoy stunts games then this jungle adventure game is for you to complete the escape mission from island. Gentlemen lost in the island, now he needs to run in jungle and really perform some unique and challenging stunts in Jungle Island. Help the Gentleman to run fast, jump, climb and play stunts in the water boats at island to early escape from the Jungle. Player will find new adventures and challenges and he have to tackle all those problems.
The game play of Jungle Stunt Run game is very simple, unique and challenging. The player as Stunt Hero has to maintain harmony with jungle.
You will face many obstacles to escape form lost island and jungle run. Jungle Stunts is really incredible game includes a bonus character, to unlock a new character or buy items you must use the coins. The coins can be collected during the game play, but to earn it you must complete that level - then the coins will be saved and can be used later in the game.

This Jungle Stunt Run- Lost Island game is very simple and adventure game. You are on Jungle adventure and you are doing stunts in jungle you have to keep safe from dangerous things and keep running on. You have to collect different item on the way to keep you more powerful and strong. One right move will make you win. You are jumping one side to other side just single tap.

This Jungle Stunts Run Game is so easy, simple and super entertainment for the adventure lovers, this time at the island. Must try and get your hands on these unbelievable easy to play and run the fun games. Attractive and tremendous jungle run graphics in jungle. Start to run in jungle, climb the mountains to early escape, be careful will jumping on the rocks. It is tough, but a true warrior will never stop! Enjoy the platform castle awesome levels that we made for you. Legendary hero stunts is an Amazing game, this adventure jungle game is better than ever and will surely be what you are looking for.
Let’s start this in the dark jungle as stunt man has to jump and jump as a super hero jump from side to side and collect the coins as many as you can. The goal of free stunts adventure jungle game is that Stuntman boy has to perform stunts in jungle without hitting by different obstacles and hurdles and run fast to escape form the island early!

Jungle Stunts Run – Lost Island Game Features

- really challenging and difficult stunts
- find the hidden treasure in the jungle mountain
- amazing graphics & game environment
- simple and easy to play but challenging to finish
- Exciting new island adventures
- jungle stunt game is really addictive game play
- Fabulous animations in this jungle run game near island
- Different well designed stunts, enjoy the stunts and help the stunt guy to early escape for lost island

Start to make stunts today and win all your final combats with Jungle Stunts Run – Lost Island. Send your feedback, Share with friends!

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