Juz 29 Quran Quiz APK

Juz 29 Quran Quiz GUESS VERSES of QURAN that requires high level of accuracy

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UpdatedAug 08, 2018 (2 years ago)
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Juz 29 Quran Quiz is an exclusive application in the form of interactive quiz that
helps a hafiz/hafizah or everyone to better recall his/her memory as well as to examine his/her memorization quality.

Quiz QURAN juz 29 --- Surah Al Mulk : 1-30, Surah Al Qalam :1-52, Surah Al Haaqqah :1-52, Surah Al Ma’aarij :1-44, Surah Nuh :1-28, Surah Al Jin :1-28, Surah Al Muzammil :1-20, Surah Al Muddastir :1-56, Surah Al Qiyaamah :1-40, Surah Al Insaan :1-31, and Surah Al Mursalaat :1-50.

This is how to play it
1. Push play
2. This Quiz There are questions with 3 answer choices that have Arabic letters.
3. Some answer choices have similarities, there is only one harokat that distinguishes what is right and what is wrong. Here needs high level of accuracy to answer it.
4. Please answer one of the choices of several random passages that belong to a surah in theis Section, if your answer is correct then push ‘next level’
5. You lose if you make mistakes three times consecutively
6. To be able to play back please press the try again button and answer a different question because the question is deliberately random
7. If you are able to answer all the questions, then you win this Game
8. to try other Quran games (guess this Quran verse is available from juz 1 to jus 30) you can press more games on the first screen display

Hopefully that this application will be very beneficial in exercising
Quran memorization of a hafiz/hafizah and anyone who are willing to
memorize the Quran.

Happy learning! May Allah bless us! Ameen… ^_^

Email: lilisutrisnaning@gmail.com

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