Juz Tabarak (29)||Juz Amma (30) Full Translation APK

Juz Tabarak (29)||Juz Amma (30) Full Translation


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Juz Tabarak (29)||Juz Amma (30) Full Translation App

Juz Tabarak (29)||Juz Amma (30) Full Translation

Juz 29 in Arab: ????? ??? [a] or more commonly known as Tabarak alladzi (Arabic: ??????????) is the last part of Juz in the Qur'an. [1] Juz is marked with the first word ????? ????? (trans: tabarak alladhi) in Surah Al-Mulk verse one and ends in Surah Al-Mursalat verse 50.Most of these suras in these verses are short surahs of the Makiyya surah, the surah that was revealed in Mecca.Only one Surah descended on Madinah, ie Surah Al-Insan, (also called Surah Ad-Dahr).The Qur'an recitation in this section is widely practiced, some short memorable short chapters are in one juz before the last row of the back of Juz, along with Juz 30. The sura with the most verse in this sura is Surah Al-Muddassir with 56 verses, followed by Surah Al-Qalam and Surah Al-Haqqah with 52 verses, then Surah Al-Mursalat with number 50 verses and followed by Surah Al-Ma'arij with a total of 44 verses.The shortest surah contained in this section of juz, namely Surah Al-Muzzammil with a total of 20 verses.In the recital of the Qur'an, Juz 29 is read on the twenty-ninth day according to the juz number.In addition to the read on the last day at the end of the month of Islam in worship, most priests [c] in the obligatory prayers (Dawn, Magrib, and Isha) as well as sunna in congregation (Tarawih or Witir) recite verses in this Juz after the reading of Surah Al-Fatihah.In the traditions of the Indonesian people, Juz 29 or Juz Tabarak is more widely known than the earlier surah, namely Surah Tabarak The number of Ruku 'in Juz is 22 with 11 Surahs and 360 verses. The order of the Quranic surah number listed is 67 to 77
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