Become secret forces against K-Zombie and save the kingdom!


Latest Version

Apr 18, 2022

K-Zombie Saga: Idle Game Game

* This version is the Pre-Test version.
Existing data will be deleted when officially launched.

Going back to Joseon Dynasty, which is the period that King Sejong governed....
The King Sejong set up the special secret 'detective' and wanted to complete the mission.

"The famine struck so hard this spring, so even there were people eating human flesh."
The Joseon Dynasty was in chaos, and the King Sejong set up the "Detectives" to carry on a secret mission!
Become the "Detective" with excellent physical abilities and the Taoist magic to save the country.

▶ A thrilling action, sweeping zombies using fans!
A large Hand fan weapon you have never seen before!

▶ Experience the Joseon Dynasty with pixel graphics!
Adorable & retro pixel-art game that everyone will love!
Be stronger by transforming into K-characters, Nine-tailed Fox, Grim Reaper and many more!

▶ Simple Tap & Fast Grow
Train yourself stronger with a simple tap!
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