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Aug 1, 2022

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Kanavu Palangal Tamil APP

Kanavu Palangal in Tamil app – is a collection of dreams and its benefits that we are dreaming in the sleep provided in the Tamil Language.

Though we believe that our dreams are the result of our hidden desires and underlying thoughts, they have a special meaning or a useful purpose.

They are trying to convey us something but many of us don’t know the meaning or purpose of the dream. This Kanavu Palangal app/Dream Meanings Dictionary app helps you to know the meaning of good dreams/benefits of the good dreams and bad dreams/benefits of bad dreams.

It is very important to know the meaning of dreams because if the dream is good we can enjoy its benefits, else we can do parikaram/remedy for it. This Dream Interpretation Dictionary helps you with it.

Also, this Dream Moods Dream Dictionary app consist of Palli Vilum palangal, Palli sollum Palanagal, Macha Palangal, Vilaku Yetrum palangal, Kakagam Karaium Palangal, Dhaana Palangal and Manaiyadi Sastra Palangal.

Features of Dream Interpretation app:

This Dream dictionary/Dream Book app consists of 10 different categories with 400+ dream meanings in Tamil are




Pancha Boothangal







Other categories included in this Meanings of Dream Dictionary app are as follows:

Palli Vilum palangal

Palli sollum Palanagal – for seven days of the week

Macha Palangal – macha sastra, macha palangal for men and women

Vilaku Yetrum palangal – Benefits of lighting Lamp at Home and Temple, Types of Lamp, Direction of Lighting Lamp, etc

Kakagam Karaium Palangal – Direction-wise Benefits of Crow Caws and Omen benefits/sakuna palangal

Dhaana Palangal

Manaiyadi Sastra Palangal

You can view kananu palangal in category wise or alphabets.

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You can access our Kanavin Palanagal app in offline mode.

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You can easily scroll through the various categories in this kanavu palangal in tamil app.

This Dream Diary app in tamil has friendly user interface.
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