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Kanji symbols APK

Collection of images of starch symbols

Kanji is a Chinese character used in Japanese. Kanji is one of four sets of characters used in modern Japanese writing besides kana (katakana, hiragana) and romaji.

Kanji is a written character borrowed from China. When the country of Japan adopted starch. They also learn and adopt how to read it. But the Japanese also gave the Chinese characters to write original words / sentences in Japanese.

Officially, Chinese characters were first recognized in Japan through goods imported from China via the Korean Peninsula starting in the 5th century AD. Since then, Chinese characters have been widely used for writing in Japan, including stone inscriptions and other items.

Before the kanji characters were known to Japanese, Japanese developed without written form. Initially, Japanese documents were written in Chinese, and pronounced according to how to read Chinese.

Kanji, after the "migration" to Japan, even though the form has not changed, the meaning has not changed, but the reading is different.

This application contains the kanji symbols and their meanings, there is a clan of Chinese people, there are philosophies, names and others.

This application can be downloaded for free without being subject to any fees forever

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