Karinding V.2 APK

Karinding is Sundanese traditional musical instrument from West Java, Indonesia

Version1.0.2 (3)
UpdatedSep 07, 2017 (3 years ago)
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Karinding is a tool for expelling pests in the fields. Sound generated from the vibration of needle karinding usually sound low low decible. The sound is produced from the friction of the handle of the karinding and the fingertips being patted. The sound that comes out usually sounds like the sounds of aphis, grasshoppers, crickets, birds, and others. The present day is known as ultrasonic. Let me feel at home, how to sound it using the mouth so that resonansina into music. Now the usual karinding is combined with other musical instruments.

The difference sounds karinding with other types of mouth harp instrument that is on the applause. If the other is flicked. If the tap can contain different tones. The knock of a musical instrument called Rachel, is to distinguish who first pats and then. The first uses the first rahe, the second uses the second, and so on. Usually the sound produced by karinding produces various sounds, such as kendang sound, goong, saron bonang or bass, rhytm, melody and others. Even karinding can make their own songs, because how to pat with different sounds on the mouth that can be varied can facilitate us in producing a colorful sound. Parents said before, used to sing songs can use karinding, If we are adept at playing the sound of karinding, will surely find or produce voice for talking, but sound that come out like robotic voice.

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