The survival of Butterflies depends on our awareness.



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Play Kawaii FlutterBug & make friends with Florida’s native and endangered species.If you're planning on visiting or live in Florida this App is essential.

Immerse in Kawaii Universe's exacting, world-class game graphics while playing this casual, yet stimulating and educational game.

Miami, Florida enjoys a range of native and sub-tropical Butterflies.
Many are coastal and thrive in our parks, along our oceans, mangroves, marshes, lakes, slow-moving rivers, swamps and roadsides.

• ORIGINAL ART ( Kawaii Universe - Design from Wynwood, Miami )
• ORIGINAL MUSIC ( By Dance Planet X - Miami-based Music )
• GAMEPLAY - Flutter along as a native Butterfly.
• UNLOCK BUTTERFLIES - Play with 8 different Florida species.
• UNLOCK FLUTTER MEDALS - Earn medals and unlock a secret mode.

NO ADS! - Each FlutterBug download supports the expansion of the game. It’s our goal to add Butterflies from all over the world.

• FLUTTER - Tap and play the Butterflies. Meet the flutter challenges to unlock them one-by-one. Your flutter journey ends every time you collide with either a cloud or sugarcane stalk (invasive plant).
• MEDALS - As medals unlock, they will showcase in the Score Menu. Tap to view and learn each butterfly.
• DECORATE - Unlock our unique “Decorate Mode”. Generate hundreds of butterflies and showcase them roosting in the tree. (Their favorite pastime.)
• GENERATE FLUTTERCARD - By taping on Flutter Medal create a FlutterCard showcasing your score.
• FLUTTERBUG CAMERA - Take pic or choose your Butterfly and nature snapshots. Share with @KawaiiFlutterBug on instagram.

The biggest reward? You will soon learn to “see” them in the wild!

When visiting our amazing parks, beaches, mangroves and everglades, you’ll bring a renewed sensitivity, appreciation and deeper joy when witnessing these beautiful creatures in their native habitats.

We hope your new awareness and knowledge of these delicate neighbors will inspire YOU to include host plants and flowering nectars in your yard!

This game is independently designed, developed, created and produced by Kawaii Universe located in the heart of Wynwood Art & Business District.

What's New (version

• CREATE FLUTTERCARD - Generate a FlutterCard based on gameplay, screenshot to save.
• UNLOCK FLUTTERBUG CAMERA - Showcase the FlutterCard. Take a pic or choose your Butterfly and nature snapshots.
• FLUTTERBUG PICTURE FRAMES - Choose from several picture frames to decorate your FlutterBug snapshot.
• UNLOCK MEDALS - Generate "Decorate Mode" and populate the garden tree with as many Butterflies as you wish.
• TWITTER AS YOU PLAY - Showcase your Butterfly specific score via tweet.

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