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Types of keyboard chords

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Chord-tones are chord-forming tones, if we notice that if we play a chord of C then we will sound a few tones at once, those tunes are called formulas or chord-forming tones, understanding the chord formula is the most important lesson in music, here are some examples of chord formulas from chord-chord we normally play (chord-chord major and minor):

chord C = C, E, G
chord Cm = C, D #, G
chord D = D, F #, A
chord Dm = D, F, A
chord E = E, G #, B
chord Em = E, G, B
chord F = F, A, C
chord Fm = F, G #, C
chord G = G, B, D
chord Gm = G, Bb, D
chord A = A, C #, E
chord Am = A, C, E
chord B = B, D #, F #
chord Bm = B, D, F #

Major Scale: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13
or in the letter notes, eg (DO = C): C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C ', D', E ', F', G ', A'
(note: the major scale consists of 7 tones then why in chord translation is written until notes to 13 or exceed one octave? because generally the end of the use of the number symbol in the chord is not to 13 or if in the scale DO = C then the end of the symbolic number in 13th note ie not A)

1-5 = power chord (5)
1-8 = chord 8 (8)
1-3-5 = major
1-2-5 = sus 2
1-4-5 = sus 4
1-3-5-6 = major 6th (6)
1-3-5-7 = major 7th (maj7)
1-3-7-9 = major 9th (maj9)
1-7-9-11 = major 11th (maj11)
1-7-9-13 = major 13th (maj13)
1-3-5-9 = add9
1-3-6-9 = 6add9

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