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Latest Version

Version2.1.27 (107)
UpdatedDec 13, 2020
DeveloperKeypair Co., Ltd.
CategoryApps, Finance

KeyWallet Touch - Bitcoin Ethereum Crypto Wallet app

Bitcoin, Ethereum wallet, card-shaped NFC coldwallet. Keep your crypto safe.

Crypto Wallet Management Application

This application manages crypto wallets for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, ERC20 tokens and etc.

It can also manage KeyWallet Touch which is a card-shaped coldwallet.
A KeyWallet Touch card stores users' private keys that are required to manage all crypto assets inside a secure element to protect from hackers' attacks and it communicates with the app using NFC(Near Field Communication).

A user can choose to use a software wallet or hardware wallet or both as they wish. When they use the hardware wallet they must possess a KeyWallet Touch card to utilize the full coldwallet functionalities.

● KeyWallet Touch Application Features:
- Fully complied with HD(Hierarchical Deterministic) wallet
- Just single seed(master key) needed to manage all your crypto assets
- Cryptocurrency deposit and withdrawal
- Cryptocurrency transaction history check
- Low transaction transfer fee(that only goes to miners)
(Custom transaction transfer fee settings are available if needed)
- Real-time crypto asset management
- A variety of coins supported in a wallet
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, BitcoinCash, Litecoin, BitcoinGold, Icon and many ERC-20 tokens are fully supported
EOS, NEO, NEM, ADA and Tron will be added soon
(※ You can add your own ERC-20 tokens in the app!)
- Favorite coin list management
- Blockchain news page

● KeyWallet Touch Features:
- Hardware Wallet(coldwallet)
- EAL 5+ CC certified smartcard chip embedded(secure element)
- True random number generator embedded
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