KFS Arts portal application for newcomers student at kafrelsheikh university.



Version1.2 (2)
UpdatedFeb 12, 2020 (2 weeks ago)
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Developerusama elgindy


This app helps new student at collage to record their preferences, see posts which professors can write and share.
More over it contains e-exams and attendance system to help professors and student to save their time.

The app contains three parts as follows:

Authorities of the admin part:

- Adds, delete and edit departments.
- Adds, delete and edit subjects.
- Adds, delete and edit professors.
- Sees all students, and delete any student left the collage.

Authorities of the professors part:

- Write and share posts with all students.
- writes and record question in a specific subject to use it in any exam later. (MCQ questions)
- Shows up the all subjects in every single department.
- Makes exams to the students (can choose subject, department, and chapters)
- Sees number of the student attendance, and knows who attends his lecture.

Authorities of the student part:

- first thing student will do when he starts the app is recording his preferences and his department in the same time.
- scans QR that professor shows in the lecture to let him know his attendance to the lecture.
- receives small exam that professor sends as a practice for student.
- student can enroll in the exam more than once.

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