Are you a Knight or Wizard? The KHero saga takes you on a courageous adventure

Version2.1 (87)
UpdatedOct 20, 2020 (1 month ago)
DeveloperKineton s.r.l.
CategoryGames, Arcade

Your Journey begins here.

Show your strength and skills while exploring this amazing world full of magical creatures and lost treasures. The KHero saga takes you on a courageous adventure where the hero must surpass dangerous obstacles and enemies, all while collecting lost treasures risking life and limb using strategic plans and perfectly timed moves. Collect coins to build blocks to reach falling platforms knowing your enemies and understanding their strengths and weaknesses, which will ultimately result in their defeat. Look out for traps; each area holds dangerous traps that try to prevent you from completing your task; learn how to identify them and become the hero. Nothing can stop a KHero!

Relentlessly exploring five scenes with 5 levels per scenario that range from Forest, Mountain, Desert, Planet, and yes, even Cemetary. Are you a Knight or Wizard? Choose your character according to who you are, Melee's attack at close range while Shooters from a distance. Reenergize yourself by collecting coins or use the coins to build blocks that can either help or hinder your journey. Start from whichever Scene you prefer, but remember to complete each level in sequential order.

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