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This application contains"Khwabon ki Tabeer" in Urdu by Islamic point of view.

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Khawabon Ki Tabeer or disclosure of dreams contains list of miscellaneous symbols which can be viewed during a dream and their meaning. There are diverse aspects and perspectives about dreams by distinctive individuals and distinctive religions in the entire planet. This application contains "Khwabon ki Tabeer" in Urdu by Islamic point of view. You can get your Dream meanings from this application "Khwabon ki Tabeer". In the religions, the dreams have been viewed as a significant wonder which assumes key part in anticipating what's to come.

As is settled, it is the method for Allah that for the disclosure of the initial two universes that we have referenced He has offered to man various sorts of resources and forces. Similarly, He has delegated methods for man for the disclosure of the third world and that implies is disclosure, motivation, and dreams which are not completely suspended whenever. In fact, the individuals who follow the conditions for accomplishing them have, all through, been their beneficiaries and will keep on being such.

khawab ki tabeer, As man has been made for boundless advancement and God Almighty is free from each insufficiency, stinginess and keeping down, it would be a contemptible idea that He put into the core of man the excitement to gain proficiency with the privileged insights of all the three universes but has denied him entirely of the information of the methods for getting learning of the third world.

1 – Qulat Ta’ali (They said dreams and dreams and what we are interpreting dreams with two worlds) [Yusuf: 44] 2 – Qala Ta’ali

khwabon ki tabeer (The prophets said: 5) and the first verse concerning Joseph (Hazrat Yusuf (A.S)) with the king. And the second in the story of the irony of the Arab idolators Muhammad peace be upon him (1)
Peace be upon him . Interpretation of the dreams of Ibn Sirin

khwabon ki tabeer We also ask how often the word Revelation came into the Qur’an?
The word of Revelation was mentioned in the Qur’an (four times as follows: interpretation of the dreams of Ibn Sirin

khwabon ki tabeer A – O Almighty: O you filled Oftoni in my visions if you see the vision [Joseph: 43] 2 – the verse

: What made us the vision that Arenak only sedition to the people and the tree cursed in the Koran and fear, what increases them only large tyranny [Israa

: 60] 7 – the verse: the vision has ratified, we also reward the benefactors (Safat: 105).
4 – The verse: God has ratified his messenger vision of truth (Open: 27). (1)
The first verse concerning the king with Joseph and the second verse, which is meant to be a vision, was appointed by the Prophet, peace be upon him

The night of his captivity to the Holy House where he wanted to slaughter and the fourth regarding the vision of the Apostle

When he saw that he would enter Mecca, the interpretation of the dreams of Ibn Sirin

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- Khawab Nama:Khawabon Ki Tabeer
- Khwab Nama Hazrat Yousuf A.S
- Qasas ul Anbiya Urdu New
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