Kid Genius APK

KidGenius is an application for Right Brain training

Version2.0.5 (200058)
UpdatedJul 22, 2016 (4 years ago)
DeveloperSetechViet JSC
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*** Flash Card:
The right brain and left brain will be connected.
When flashing cards, you will show the pictures and at the same time say the words on the cards. The images or pictures will be processed by the right brain. The words or language are processed by the left brain.
Showing picture flashcards also helps to train the image function of the right brain.

*** Linking Memory
The purpose is to train the child to memorize a group of pictures in sequence.
Linking Memory helps your child to develop:
• Creativity
• Imaging function of the right brain
• Photographic memory of the right brain

*** Mandala
Mandala is used as part of right brain education exercises by Shichida Method, Heguru and other right brain schools. These exercises are used as part of “Photographic Memory” exercises. It is to help your child to remember the colors on the Mandala pictures when the pictures are flashed within 5 seconds.

*** Books:
There are 2 or 3 sentences per page of books.
No limit of time for reading books, you should come to new page when finish a page.

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