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Connect the dots learn alphabets/numbers and imagine the alphabet being traced

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Connect the dots game for kids is an exciting educational app for young children. Apps comes with all Capital Alphabets and its associated image object all free. This app covers all alphabets with its matching objects. App comes with interactive setup where it spells out each tracing dot and the object finally trace.

After finishing the trace App educate kid what this Alphabet traced to relates to which object, thus helping him to memorize the alphabets.

Kid plays this with imagination, learning the sequence of numbers/alphabets in process of tracing the alphabet. At the end it comes up with object identifying the Letter. When kid traces the object, there is crayon following the trace giving kid the impression of drawing self, thus keeping kid engrossed with the game.

Features :

Game can be played in 3 modes below which can be set from setting option to indicate what kind of dots one want to trace.
1. Numbers : Once set to this setting, all dots will be numbered 1,2,3 ... as and when kid touches the
dot it will spell out the matching dots, if hint option is turned out, will indicate the next hop on the

2. Capital Alphabets : Once set dots will be set with Capital Letters A,B,C.... and when kid touches the
dot it will spell out the alphabets, if hint option turned ou it will indicate next alphabet to hit on.

3. Small Alphabets : Once set dots will be set with Small Letters a,b,c... and when kid touches the
dot it will spell out the alphabets, if hint option turned ou it will indicate next alphabet to hit on.

Very simple and intuitive game which kid can play by self without any help from others and enjoy imagining and tracing, eventually been happily surprised with final result.

On tapping the object, it will spell out the object name, so that kid can learn about the object it traced can memorize the same.

Hint Settings :
1. Always : when set it will always show the next dot to hop on.
2. Every 2 seconds : when set it will indicate the next dot only when 2 seconds have pass by.
3. Never : when set will never show up the hint.

How to Play :

Learn Section :
This section comes with simple learning to associate Capital letters with its object, this can be good
learning way for kids to start with fun of learning ABC.

Connect the Dot :
-- Start with settings, set the Game mode to your liking, number/capital/small alphabets dots
-- Set the hint setting to your liking, it comes up with 3 options, as described above, you can choose one

Now you are set to start the game, once you have set the settings same will be stored and reused for next time you open your App.

Once you are done with settings you can simply start the tracing the game from first sequential dot, and being tracing the capital letter . Once traced it will slowly show up the object traced and sequence of dots will disappear.

You can use below 3 buttons to move on to next stage :
1. Prev : Jump to previous image
2. Next : Jump to next image
3. Home : Home button to back to front page of the App.

This is a perfect app for kids to learn about the sequential ordering of the numbers, alphabets both Small/Capital. This a real fun education app in line with our motto to help kids learn while playing and enjoy. This app will keep kids engage with learning about basics which can help in setting up good strong foundation for the kids.

Email: kanakrathi02@gmail.com

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