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Learn Month Name, Fruit, Colors, Letter Sound, Number Sound, Kids Learning Video

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UpdatedDec 27, 2019 (1 year ago)
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Kids Teacher is learning application with fun for kids. There are lots of activities for 📙Reading, 🎧Listening, ✏Writing and 📺Watching the videos. By performing these activities kids can improve their recognization skills, general awareness, etc.

Kids Teacher helps junior or senior KG children to start learning 🅰️ Alphabets or Letters, 🔟 Numbers with 🎧 sounds, 🥭 Fruit names, 🗓️ Day names, 📅 Month names, 🌈 Colors, 📐 Shapes, 🐄 Animal names, 🦵 Body Parts names, 🚙 Vehicle names, 🏐 Sports names, 🦢 Birds name, 🌼 Flower Drawing, 🎄 Tree Drawing, 🍆 Vegetable, 🏛️ Buildings Places, 🔨 Professions Drawing.

Preschooling and nursery activities for kids ✏ writing, 📙 reading, 🎧 listening, 🖌️ drawing, and 📺 watch learn with 😂 fun videos.

🧒 KIDS TEACHER LETTER WRITING: Kids Teacher displays pre-written alphabet letters, numbers, day names, month names, animal names, fruit names, sports games names, and more that help nursery kids to learn English writing easy.

🐄 ANIMAL, FLOWER DRAWING & COLOR FILLING: Kids Teacher helps nursery children to draw and fill color in animals and flows that improve the drawing skill.

🎧 KIDS TEACHER SOUNDS: Kids Teacher Application plays sounds in each activity that helps nursery kids to identify or recognize animals, sports, day names, month names, flowers, fruits, shapes, color, vegetable names, and birds.

🐄 KIDS TEACHER AUTO PLAY ACTIVITY: Kids Teacher provides an in-app auto play activity feature that helps children to run all activities with sounds automatically on by one. No need to press the Next button each time.

🔇 KIDS TEACHER MUTE MODE ACTIVITIES: Kids Teacher provides the mute button in each activity by that kids can perform the activity without any noise/sound.

★★★★★★★★★ FEATURES ★★★★★★★★★


🅰️ Alphabet/Letter names writing, Alphabet/Letter reading, Alphabet/Letter listening
🔟 Numbers writing, Number reading, Number listening, and counting
📐 Shapes drawing, Shapes reading, Shape name listening
🌈 Color/Colour filling, Color/Colour name reading, Color/Colour name listening
🗓️ Days name writing, Days name reading, Days name listening
📅 Months name writing, Months name reading, Months name listening
🐄 Animals name writing, Animals name reading, Animals name listening
🦵 Body Parts name writing, Body Parts name reading, Body Parts name listening
🥭 Fruit name writing, Fruit name reading, Fruit name listening
🚙 Vehicle name writing, Vehicle name reading, Vehicle name listening
🔨 Profession name writing, Profession name reading, Profession name listening
🏐 Sports name writing, Sports name reading, Sports name listening
🦢 Birds name writing, Birds name reading, Birds name listening
🏛️ Buildings and place name writing, Buildings and place name reading, Buildings and place name listening
🌼 Flower name writing, Flower name reading, Flower name listening
🎄 Tree name writing, Tree name reading, Tree name listening
🍆 Vegetable name writing, Vegetable name reading, Vegetable name listening


🐇 There are lots of activities with pictorial and sound representation that makes learn and fun for kids.
🐇 15+ activities to do fun with.
🐇 Attractive representation with colorful pictures.
🐇 Region base pronunciation makes kids understand words better.


🐇 Kids Teacher application is to facilitate kids to draw with reading activities.
🐇 15+ activities to fun with drawing/writing.
🐇 Kids can fill color inside the bordered images no need to draw from scratch.


🐇 Kids can watch learning and activity videos in Kids Teacher Application.
🐇 Preschool videos that describe animals, shapes, colors, letters, numbers, Fruits, Flowers, and more.
🐇 Nursery activity videos that improve general awareness and general skills.

Kids Teacher Made simple, easy and offline application. A personal teacher for every kid.

What's New

Awesome features in Kids Teacher.
Added new kids learning videos and nursery activity videos.
Kids can enjoy the pictorial and sound representations of activities.
Kids can show drawing skills by performing letter write activities.


🅰️ Alphabets
🔟 Numbers
🥭 Fruit
🌈 Colors filling
📐 Shapes drawing
🐄 Animals drawing
🚙 Vehicle names
🏐 Sports names
🦢 Birds names
🌼 Flower drawing
🎄 Tree drawing
🍆 Vegetable names
🔨 Profession names

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