Kids Water Swimming Championship APK

Be a Super Kid Swimmer and Complete the Race First like a superhero!

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UpdatedAug 22, 2017 (4 years ago)
DeveloperAction Uni
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Swimming Championship for kids is most realistic water sports game. Play as your favorite kid and dive into water for swimming race with different kids. This Swimming Championship game is not easy at all. If you ever dreamed about a kid swimmer champion or you going to win the world big swimming contest, then this swimming simulator is perfectly designed for you. Kids Water Swimming Championship is full of fun racing just swim fast to win this championship! Join the biggest world tournament ever and have fun playing Swimming Pool Race! Get ready to the really magnificent rush!

Practice water sports in a realistic 3D environment! You can play as a real kid swimmer; your athlete can be a citizen of any state! Try to do your best and you’ll achieve a great success in your swimming career! Be ready for an impetuous rush and try different relays from 100 meters to 400 meters using different swimming styles including breaststroke, front crawl, backstroke, butterfly stroke and a freestyle! Feel like a real professional sportsperson! Control your swimming by tapping the screen and tap quickly to accelerate, change the direction or to slow!


Welcome to water sports swimming tournament! Defeat other athlete kids and climb the ranks to become the ultimate Swimming World Champion. Swim fast and do anything to win the contest! Try again until your sportsman gets to the top! Collect all gold medals and become the world’s champion with this kids water swimming championship simulator! Are you ready for great sports adventure as kid hero? Try this hurdling simulator and be ready for ultimate long- or short-distance swim records!

Kids Water Swimming Championship game features:

-Wide range of new kid characters to play
-Interesting contests and missions
-Beautiful Swimming Pool environment
-Addictive gameplay
-Easy and intuitive controls
-Best Swimming Simulator for kids

Have your ever dream of the fame of world-famous athlete at water sports? Level your swimming skills up and you’ll find yourself at the top of the tournament list! Kids water swimming championship is specially designed for all swimming lover and fame fan. Reach fantastic speeds during your swimming pool race and leave al your contestants far behind! Feel like a real professional athlete! Start amazing summer sports adventure as kid hero. Enjoy the game and your water swim race with fantastic victory of world championship!

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