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yoga kids helps relaxing and developing autonomy - yoga time!

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Help your child build mental & physical strength and developing children's autonomy. Learn all basic yoga poses for kids.
As parents, yoga is a good gift you can give to your children: poses here promote physical strength because kids learn to use all of their muscles in new ways. Whether a pose is done standing, sitting, or lying down, each one can challenge various muscle groups while helping a child become aware of his body and how it efficiently functions
You can keep track of your yoga workout on the calendar and create alarms for the days and hours you want to perform a training program.
This app is based on the psychology of Rishi Patanjali.
Focused on yoga for better sleep & full relax, altogether 20 yoga experts aim to make it easier & convenient to yoga workout and help you gain better results from yoga.
This fitness app facilitates the most convenient home exercises, not only nourishes your health but also spares you all the tiresome workouts.

- Fosters cooperation and compassion in your kids.
- kids derive enormous benefits from yoga.
- Daily Yoga at home, no equipment required.
- Fun and family-friendly introduction to yoga.
- Yoga Workout
- Yoga for Beginners
- Daily Yoga
- Full of basic yoga exercises.
- Support all Screens
- Physically, it enhances their flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness.
- 100% FREE yoga app!
- Improves Concentration and sense of calmness and relaxation.

- Helps you keep your cool
- You’re happier
- Yoga for Energy Improvement
- Calming Your Mind
- Improves posture and strengthens back
- Confidence booster
- Improve Your Flexibility
- Yoga for Better Sleep
- Yoga for Body Toning
- Fitness and health with yoga
- You sleep better
- Weight Loss with yoga
- Yoga for a Strong Back

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You don't need to go to a yoga class, just follow the instructions and practice every day with yoga fitness at home or anywhere that can help you have a healthy, comfortable mind.

Follow our exercises at home and you will notice a build mental & physical strength.

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