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Oops, the machines have taken over. Are you clever enough to assimilate?

Version1.0 (3)
UpdatedMay 09, 2019 (1 year ago)
DeveloperVictor Russ
CategoryGames, Puzzle

KILOTON is a logic puzzle game, in the vein of Sudoku, or Pic Cross. The goal is simply to place colored tiles on a grid according to a set of provided clues, in order to reveal the pattern.

There is always a logical next move, even if it's sometimes difficult to spot. So, you never need to guess at a move. Observation and logic are the keys.

While the game can be challenging when larger grids are employed, the rules are very simple.

Numbers indicate how many tiles of the associated color to place in each row and column of the grid. To place a white tile, tap once on a grid cell. To place a colored tile, tap twice.

Small x symbols within a cell reflect constraints that apply to the cell. For example, if a cell is marked with a white or colored x, the cell cannot contain a tile of the color indicated. On the other hand, if a cell is marked with a gray x, that cell must not be empty.

Email: victor@mezz.tech

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