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Know, that the Devil has installed various types of traps to lead people to hell. The most dangerous devil's trap is the fun trap

Satan as the main enemy of Adam's son will never stop misguidance and turn people away from God's path so far.

Allah says: "The devil is an enemy to you, so suppose he is an enemy, for the devils only invite his people to be the people of Hellfire." (Fathir: 6).

So it is not proper for the sensible creature to be neglected from their makar and plagiarism such as whisper, hysteria, temptation, confusion and reveal falsehood in the form of truth.
The Devil's Devil's Jutsu

Know, that the Devil has installed various types of traps to lead people to hell. The most dangerous devil's trap is the fun trap. From this way people on the face of the earth are widely misled. Allah says, "Whoever associates (with Allah), surely Allah has forbidden Paradise him, and his abode is the Fire, it is not for the wrong-doers any helper." (Al Maidah: 72)

Here are some of the ways that will lead a person into the valley of kesyirikan. Wal 'iyadzu billah.
Over - Surplus Against Shalih People

The extreme attitude of glorifying people is a very common phenomenon we encounter, both before and now. Initially humans since the expulsion of Adam's prophet to earth is still in Islamic state. Ibn Abbas said, "In the time span between the prophet Adam and Noah there were ten generations. Everything is still in the state of Islam. "(HR Judge)

 After that spread the silence on earth for the first time because of the extreme attitude. So Allah sent Noah 'alaihis greeting who called for worship only to Him and forbade the worship to other than Him. But Noah's prophet actually denied it. "And they say: 'Never leave your gods and never leave (the worship of) the ark, nor do you punish, yaghuts, ya'uq and nasr'." (Noah : 23)

These are the names of the people in the prophets of Noah. When they died, the devil whispered to these people to make pictures and statues of the righteous at their place of worship and then named it according to their names.

They reasoned with seeing and remembering the statues and pictures, they can increase the spirit of worship to Allah. In this phase they have not worshiped it, until then this generation dies and overtake the next generation and people no longer know the science of tauhid, eventually the idols are worshiped.

Satan indeed invites to be extreme towards the righteous and invites to worship the grave. They whisper into the human heart that actually building a building on the grave and nearby nearby is one of the signs of love for the prophets and righteous people. So praying beside the grave is mustahab (will be answered).

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