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Version1.35 (36)
UpdatedApr 18, 2021
DeveloperCouncilium Block Place
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King Kong Addon app

Kong Addon is perfect for you,he adds a Kind Kong as well as Kong enemies

If you are a big Godzilla fan, Kong Addon is perfect for you! He adds a Kind Kong as well as Kong enemies.
Monsters from the universe of the primate king films will appear in a cube world. The King Kong mod will add giant monsters, lizards and robots to Minecraft. They are difficult to defeat with a standard sword. They know how to fight among themselves for the possession of the territory.

Kong 2021
Health: 430,000
Damage: 20,000
He is the largest of his kind and stronger. Perfect for meeting Godzilla!

Alpha Crawler
Health: 2000
Damage: 500
Largest of its kind, one of Kong's deadliest enemies on his island

Mecha Kong
Health: 700,000
Damage: 65000
Due to malfunction, he became the enemy of humanity and the Kongs.

Health: 400000
Damage: 9500
The titan bat is represented in the Kong kingdom. He's the flying enemy who terrorizes Kong

Kong with an Ax
Health: 400000
Damage: 50,000
The ax, made from Godzilla's dorsal fin and dagon bone pieces, will become a legendary weapon against the king of monsters.

Enderking Mob
Here's another strong bosses i present to you Enderking ! It's the king of the end world and nether world they are very strong! You can beat it if you are strong enough!It has 600 healths and 30 damage is very strong!! And he can summon groups of spikes and he have a roar attack huge knock back!

For fun, we have added a Donkey Kong mini-game to our app. This mini-game is based on the classic arcade game of the same name. This is a platformer in which the player has to jump over obstacles to reach the top and rescue Pauline from Donkey Kong. This is a really well made minigame with some nifty features that make it worth playing.
How to play?
Press the button in the lobby to start the game. Jump over the trolleys that are constantly moving along the rails. The goal is to get to the upper platform and press the button to complete the game.

Disclaimer: This application is not approved nor affiliated with Mojang AB, its name, commercial brand and other aspects of the application are registered brands and the property of their respective owners. This app adheres to the terms set out by Mojang. All items, names, places and other aspects of the game described within this application are trademarked and owned by their respective owners. We make no claim to and do not have any rights to any of the foregoing
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