Sea battles are coming! Lead your armies and become the king of the seas!


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Jan 10, 2023
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King of Septsea GAME

King of Septsea is real-time strategy sea battle mobile game. Send troops into combat, adjust your strategy in real-time, and win by outwitting your opponent. With everything at your command, construct your city freely and establish a mighty ocean empire!

Game Highlights
1. Real-time Strategy
Know thyself, know thy enemy, and a hundred battles you shall win. You can check the enemy’s strength in real-time and modify your strategy on the fly. Position your floating island optimally and divide your troops between different paths to destroy the enemy’s fortress, plunder their resources and become the king of the seas!
2. Build at Sea
By continually upgrading your floating islands and expanding your domain, you will soon be able to make use of cannons, mortars, artillery, and other powerful turrets, as well as gather various resources. You can even customize the layout of your main city and upgrade buildings to increase their strength. Maintaining forts at sea demands constant labor!
3. Trading at Sea
With trading voyages, you can rapidly accumulate key resources. Send trading ships on voyages to distant ports and they’ll bring you back full holds of resources and wealth! There are various resources to obtain at sea including fish and minerals. You can also earn money by catching fish. The world is your oyster!
4. Alliance Battles
Join an alliance and communicate in real-time with players around the world and build your ocean empire together!
Your alliance members can help you by greatly shortening the time needed to build, and allowing you to upgrade more rapidly.
You are no longer fighting alone. Call upon your allies for support to help you overcome your enemy.
Fight alongside your allies in Alliance Warfare to defeat the enemy alliance and become masters of the sea!
5. Legendary Heroes
To win fierce battles, you will need the help of powerful heroes.
Many legendary heroes are waiting to be summoned. Upgrade your heroes to unlock powerful ultimate skills.
Each hero’s skill is unique. Use them in tandem to turn the tide of battle in a cinch.
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