Kingdoms of Heckfire: Dragon Army | MMO Strategy APK

Hatch a dragon army. Slay titans. Collect loot. Conquer the Kingdom of Heckfire!

Version1.95 (771858390)
UpdatedFeb 17, 2021 (2 weeks ago)
DeveloperA Thinking Ape Entertainment Ltd.
CategoryGames, Strategy

Build your Kingdom, train your dragons and start destroying things today. Goblins! Skeletons! People with weird Moustaches! Battle them all in this real-time strategy mobile MMO!

• Real time, open world map filled with monsters and players from around the world!
• Raise a powerful Dragon army to strike fear into your enemies hearts (and other organs)!
• Create powerful Clans and Alliances to rule the realms of Heckfire!
• Complete epic quests issued by a semi nude wizard!
• Battle well groomed Titans for massive amounts of loot! Possibly even Ham!

What's New

The latest and greatest update includes:
* Advanced Realm Search: now you can search for specific gathering nodes and realm monsters near you, with the ability to specify biome and level, too!
* The Create March sliders now cap out at your march cap -or- the number of troops of that type you have trained, whichever is lower!
* The awkward dim screen after crafting a Relic is no more!

Email: support@kingdomsofheckfire.com

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