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Version1.0 (1)
UpdatedOct 23, 2020
DeveloperPH Solution
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Kinyarwanda - English Translator Free app

excellent app to translate letters, words, sentences from Kinyarwanda to English

The Kinyarwanda to English translator app also helps as a translator dictionary of words from Kinyarwanda to English and English to Kinyarwanda!!

Kinyarwanda is the official and national language of Rwanda and is one of the Bantu languages spoken around the world. Kinyarwanda is spoken by 12 million people as a first language. Kinyarwanda is close to the dialect Rwanda-Rundi. In Rwanda, Kinyarwanda is used vastly along with English and French. Kinyarwanda is very similar to Kirundi, the language spoken in Tanzania and Burundi. Some people in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda also speaks in Kinyarwanda.

The language differs from most African states because some colonial powers once occupied the borders of most of the states. The pre-colonial kingdoms hindered the use and influence of the most native languages of Africa. Kinyarwanda is one of the most important official languages of Rwanda.

English is a universal language that is very important for this modern era including education, business, political issues, shopping, communicating with the whole world, and what not. In the whole world, 1.75 billion people speak in English.

Modern English was influenced by the British Empire and the United States and expanded from the 17th century. The speakers of English are called the "Anglophones".

Most English speakers who use English as a native language live in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Ireland, etc. In recent times English is a very very popular and important language.


The Kinyarwanda to English translator app is capable of translating Kinyarwanda text, letter, word, sentence, paragraph, or copied clipboard text into Kinyarwanda to English language or English to the Kinyarwanda language. You just need to write down or copy-paste the text you want to translate Kinyarwanda.

A wonderful feature of the Kinyarwanda to English translator app is the voice translator. First press the microphone icon and speak up the word or sentence you want to get translated. The mic will catch up with the voice and will translate Kinyarwanda words into English or English to Kinyarwanda. This makes the app more simple and easy to use and if you're willing to save your important time. In a Kinyarwanda speaking country.

The Kinyarwanda to English translator app has an excellent feature of speaker icon that when you translate Kinyarwanda or English texts or voices the translated Kinyarwanda or English word or sentence is pronounced in their following accent if you press the speaker icon. You people are really gonna love the accent of Kinyarwanda and English both.

The Kinyarwanda to English translator app has a language bar where two arrows are shown. By pressing the arrows you can switch between the languages you're working with. In the Kinyarwanda to English translator, you can switch between Kinyarwanda and English just by pressing the icon to translate Kinyarwanda or English.

The Kinyarwanda - English translator and English to Kinyarwanda translator is a prominently featured translation tool for your android.
The translation result of the Kinyarwanda-English translator / English to Kinyarwanda can be shared into your social media accounts like Facebook, Whatsapp, hangouts, messaging, email,
The Kinyarwanda - English translator /English to Kinyarwanda translator has a very easy user interface for instant translations.
Kinyarwanda - English / English to Kinyarwanda translator is the most useful for foreigners or for the people studying foreign languages.

The Kinyarwanda to English translator (kinyarwanda to Umusemuzi wicyongereza) is developed by PH SOLUTION.

Try the Kinyarwanda to English translator App and hope you give it a 5 🌟 rating!!!
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