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Playing kites is cool and able to provide its own sensation for the players. Kites can be divided into two, namely decorative kites and kites complaints. Special kites complaints, is a type of kite that has many devotees in Indonesia. Pitting a kite is one of the fun games that are able to repel stress, besides this game can also solidify the social relations of society. Believing or not unconsciously playing a kite can lead to positive interaction between people. For example, when the kite season arrives a village will be more crowded, especially in the afternoon when the number of people who play the kite. Playing kites can bring laughter. No wonder if the kite season arrives, a village will be more crowded either by the players or just watching. Ranging from the young to the old all blend.
For those of you who like to pit a kite, a champion in the blue sky is a pride of its own. Especially before your kite was able to defeat many other kites that litter the sky.
To be the best of course many factors that determine among others: sharp string condition, weather, play techniques and kite election. Especially for the selection of kites, there are criteria that must be met when choosing and buying a kite. Here are some good kite criteria to use as complaint kites:
1. Do not buy kites that are too small. The larger the kites will be the better because large kites can give heavy effects when in play. The kite criteria that have such heavy effects are excellent for use as a complaint kite. And good technique used is technique stretching strings.
2. Choose a thick bamboo bone, if you choose a thin bamboo bone then when in the sky the kite will bend because it can not resist the strong wind gusts. This condition will be impacted on the bad results you will get when pitting a kite.
3. Carefully observe whether the bamboo is the same length between the left and right wings. If not the same length of the kite will be difficult to control when in the fly. Even on the worst conditions a wild kite will be caught in a tree or swoop down.
4. Note the shape of the kite is still normal. sometimes when buying at the store there is just a kite with poor quality, where the shape of the kite is no longer irregular and impressed side tilt. The quality of kites like this will make it difficult for you to do a kite fight.
5. If the above tips have been applied but the selected kite still has a bad quality like the one-sided weight that resulted in the kite spinning wildly in the sky, then you can paste enough paper on the side of the kite to have the weight equal and balanced between the left and right so no longer spin when in the fly.

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