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Feb 4, 2022

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Kitten Home: Neko Collector GAME

If you are a passionate kitten collector, if you love Tamagotchi with furry kawaii cats and cat and mouse, if you enjoy Florence story, don’t miss Kitten Home: Neko Cozy Condo Furniture Collector Game.

In Florence story, a little calico cat named Sweetie moved to the new condo with Emily. When she opened the doors, the condo was empty and dirty. What to do first? Of course, collect gold and gather love to build your dream home with kawaii cozy rooms for a happy single girl like Emily and enjoy beautiful life with furry little cat Sweetie like in cat and mouse game. Emily loves Florence and is a tofu neko collector, she loves to adopt as many furry cats as possible. Imagine when you open the doors, they will run around in the cozy condo and found everywhere you go. Don’t forget to feed them tofu and take care of them as in Tamagotchi game for cat and mouse.

Why Kitten Home: Neko Cozy Condo Furniture Collector Game?

- Beautiful UI/UX
You will build and decorate your condo for your neko with beautiful furniture from adorable doors to cozy sofa in Florence story. The furnitures are so kawaii and cats definitely love it.

- Various interesting gameplay
You will have to clean up the floor and doors, solve the riddle puzzle, play hide and seek with your adorable furry neko just like cat and mouse Tamagotchi game. Exciting enough?

- Live a life as a happy kitten collector
Adopt furry neko such as you like in Tamagotchi. Use the gold and the love you gather after each level to buy them tofu, food and furniture. Game for cats in Tamagotchi will make your home become cozy and kawaii, and you won’t feel lonely anymore. Furry tofu cats are happy and they love to cuddle with you, a passionate kitten collector.

Kitten Home: Neko Cozy Condo Furniture Collector Game is an interesting way to relax after a hard day. Try cat and mouse in Tamagotchi game to have the best of your day. Furry kawaii neko will blow away fatigue. Download and play now!
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