What you can find in this Wire and Cable App ?

What you can find in this Wire and Cable App ?

# You can explore all Copper and Aluminum Power Cable products from Low (1 Kv), Medium (30 Kv) , up to High Voltage (150 Kv), included Bare Conductor for Overhead Transmission and Telecommunication Cables

# Complete Cables and Conductors Technical Data & Specifications (Construction, images, Size, Ampacity etc.) and download it in PDF files

# Search the cable products easily with E – Catalog or search box

# Find the Specifications of newest HTLS - High Temperature - Low Sag / HCLS – High Capacity – Low Sag Conductor called ACCC/TW (Aluminum Conductor Composite Core with Trapezoidal Wires/TW) for Overhead Transmission up to 150 Kv

# Factory Tour, Customer Ordering Form and E – Catalog, Site Map, Career

The company was established on January 19, 1972 as PT Kabelmetal Indonesia by Kabel-und Metalwerke Guetehoffnungshuette AG, a German company tha t later on was known as Kabelmetal Electro Gmbh. Its first commercial products were launched in 1974 bearing the well-known KABELMETAL brand.

Since mid 2007, while maintaining the Kabelmetal brand for domestic market, the Company introduced “KMI Wire and Cable” to gradually replace GT Kabel brand in overseas market. Later on, effective from September 1st 2008, the new overseas brand became the company name PT KMI Wire and Cable Tbk.

Domestic market, included for PLN (Indonesian Power Grid) and Overseas market (Germany, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Iraq, Dubai, India, Philippines, Oman, Nigeria, Jordan, Afghanistan, Congo, Mozambique etc.)

Recommended for everyone who want to know about Electrical Power and Telecommunication Cable products.
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