Knock knock who’s there? Find the key, Face evil, Survive, Send them to peace!


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Feb 21, 2022

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Knock Knock Run Game

- Find the key
Search room for 4 keys. When you find all the keys, the exit door will open. Run away before blackout!

- Unite with others or Go solo!
More people, fewer items! Don’t forget to revive your allies when they are down. You don’t have a second chance if you go in alone.

- Strong and different ghosts!
Each ghost has unique abilities. You need to use set items to suit your duties.
Because if you're not careful, you can be knocked down at any time.

- Powerful fashion
Various outfits in the game If you matched correctly, It will give you incredible power.

- Pieces of memories
1 in 10 of that memory fragment There is a mystical power that will send these vengeful spirits into the next world. Try it out, just find it. These ghosts aren't that scary at all.

Knock knock run will bring everyone into the terrifying dimension. Comes with up to 5 ghosts and 6 difficulty levels to face. You can either team up with a friend or go solo. Collect different pieces to create clothes with hidden powers. Improve your character. The more we work together, the better. The pass level will also be higher. Are you ready to face the horrors? Press download now!

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